Kirsten Kell, MFT
Article: "Top 10 Signs You're Not Ready to Get Married!"

Are you asking yourself: "Am I ready"? Getting married is something that most adults (about 95% in the US) will do in their lifetime, so why is it so scary?

While most people will marry at least once about half of those marriages will end in divorce. Divorce is not something that anyone wants to go through.

It’s simple, right? Never get married and you’ll never get divorced!

Yet, this simple solution denies you the joys and excitement of getting married.

So, rather than avoid the issue all together, why not check out my free article?

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About Kirsten Kirsten Kell is a Marriage and Family Therapist whose work focuses on couples, pre-marital counseling, and keeping the passion alive in marriage. She earned her masters degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University and her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Yale University.


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